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Hi there, Greet in my own site, also now that you are reading Fobidden Slim Card holder Wallet blog post. I do believe you desire Business Card Cases. That time I must present to you a product which might be it is acceptable with the require. The item is usually Fobidden Slim Card holder Wallet. Before you buy Fobidden Slim Card holder Wallet item, you have to know about the item characteristic, feature as well as the amount. About this article I can inform you of even more characteristic around Fobidden Slim Card holder Wallet.

The Information about Fobidden Slim Card holder Wallet:

Slimness – Redefined

There are two type of people on this planet. One that loves to carry lots of cash and one that doesn’t. You don’t necessarily have to be a minimalist to appreciate the perks of a slim wallet. It’s just one less thing to worry about. A slim wallet will redefine how you present yourself in front of others. Hopefully it will be a clean and simple vibe.

Here at Forbidden Inc we took above thoughts into account and used them in designing our wallets. Design wise, there is no waste of space or empty leather block hole that does nothing except for making your pocket bulkier.


We had absolutely no options except for using the best materials out there. I mean we played around with the idea of using medium quality materials in the hope of better profit. But the type of product a slim wallet is – if you use lower quality product, they will get ripped within few weeks. If that happens then we won’t have a business to run. So we looked for the best top grain leather and made a deal with the supplier.


Sure you can buy good materials about what about actually making the wallet? In today’s world with lots of advanced manufacturing process available we still use our hands to do most of the work. Machine can you give you the finish that you can achieve with a hand crafted wallet. But the beauty of a good product is not just how it’s manufactured but how well the quality check is done. Our team of specialist QC personnel makes sure that now a single thread is out of line or the color is not out of balance leaving you with only the best wallet out there.

Customer Service

Buying Forbidden Slim Wallet is just the beginning of a relationship. Keep an eye on our facebook page for latest products and promotions.

In any case you are not happy with your purchase, please let us know and we will take immediate action.

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The Fobidden Slim Card holder Wallet Expense:

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